Add and link HPOS to an organisation in PRODA to request access to the Find a Patient service


Your organisation must have a Hospital I D to access this service.


After your organisation is successfully registered in PRODA, follow the steps below.


1.       Log on to PRODA and select the Organisations link from the PRODA menu.

2.       Select the organisation name then select ‘Service Provider’ to expand the drop down menu.

3.       Select ‘Add Service Provider’ then select the radio button for HPOS, then select ‘Add Service Provider’.

4.       Read and accept the Organisation Linking terms and conditions.

5.       Select ‘Hospital Number’ as the Identifier type then enter your Hospital ID and select Next.

6.       Select ‘Assistance required’ then enter your Hospital number in the ‘comments box’ and any information to support your request.

7.       Select ‘Next’ then read the on screen information, then select Finish.


If we approve your request, the HPOS tile in PRODA will appear under ‘My linked services’.


You can then log on to your PRODA account:

·         select the Services link from the PRODA menu.

·         select Go to service in the HPOS tile to access HPOS, or

·         select Link identifiers if you want to link more identifiers to access more services in HPOS.


This infographic is correct as at March 2021

Module code PRODA M02 INFO1


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