PRODA Provider Digital Access

PRODA is an online authentication system you can use to securely access certain government online services.



No need for additional hardware or software.

One username and password for multiple services.

2 tier secure log in.


How to create PRODA and link services

1.       Create a PRODA account

Provide your details, create your username and password.

Set up your security questions and verify your email address.

Record your Registration Authority R A number.


2.       Verify your identity

Using 3 government issued documents.

Preferred documents: Australian passport, driverís licence and Medicare card.

Choose your verification code preference.


3.       Linking existing services

Log on to PRODA, select Health Professional Online Services H POS.

Select Link Identifiers.

Enter the Identifiers Type and Identifier Numbers select Search.


Create a PRODA account, . a u/PRODA


This infographic is correct as at December 2020

Module code PRODA M01 INFO


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