Indigenous Health Incentive Registration

The Indigenous Health Incentive targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients aged 15 years and over, with a chronic disease. The PBS Co payment Measure provides free or low cost medicines for patients of any age at risk of or with a chronic disease.

Some things to note before registration

Your patient has had or been offered an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessment

This is the patientís usual practice

Re register patients annually for the Indigenous Health Incentive

Registration for the PBS Co payment Measure is only required once.


Use your PRODA account to register your patients for the Indigenous Health Incentive and PBS Co payment Measure using PIP Online through H POS

Check your patientís eligibility

Discuss the Indigenous Health Incentive with your patient

Seek consent to register your eligible patient

Complete patient registration and consent form and submit to us

Use your recall system to ensure patients are followed up.



This infographic is correct as at February 2020

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