Simulation transcript

How to find and submit Online forms through HPOS

Module code: HPOSM04_1
Date: May 2020

How to find and submit Online Forms through Health Professional Online Services, known as H POS. Use this service to apply for Initial or continuing Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme known as PBS, subsidised biological agents for a patient with severe active rheumatoid arthritis. To qualify for PBS authority approval, the patient must have a documented history of severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Letís get started.

From the H POS Home screen select the Forms tile.

From the Forms screen, select the Online Forms tile.

Then select the Rheumatoid Arthritis form.

Select the Start form box.

Note: a draft will be saved of the initiated form and updated every time Ďnextí is selected on a screen so that if you leave the flow you can re-enter at the point that you exited.

Choose the patient type you are looking for.

In this simulation, we will choose a Medicare patient.

You can search for the patient by Medicare card details or by patient name and date of birth.

The search results will display and allow you to confirm the patient.

Enter the prescriber details that are relevant to the authority application. Select Next to continue

This is the first question in the Rheumatoid Arthritis question flow.It will determine which question set is to be displayed. Select Next to continue

When the required questions are complete, the Additional Comments screen will be displayed. Provide any relevant supporting information you would like to highlight to the processing staff.

All questions and responses given will be displayed on this page. You can check or update any answers here.

This screen allows any supporting documentation to be uploaded to the form.For Rheumatoid Arthritis, a completed authority prescription form is required to be attached.

You must read and accept the Privacy Notice box before you can submit the form.

Once submitted a receipt will be displayed with a link to allow you to download the form as a PDF for your records.

From the Online Forms landing page you can use this menu to view any Draft forms or Submitted forms.

Note: a draft form will be held for 14 days from the last update.A warning email will be sent to the provider 2 days before the draft is deleted.

You can find further instructional videos regarding the H POS and PRODA processes in our HPOS eLearning programme on the Health Professionals page from the Services Australia website.