.Concessional verification service

Use HPOS to confirm a patientís eligibility for concessional Medicare services.

Concessional patients must hold or be listed on a Commonwealth concessional card at the date of service.

We based patientís concessional entitlement eligibility on the information we hold the time the check is completed.


1.       Log on to HPOS using your PRODA account.

2.       Select the Find a patient tile and perform a search on the patientís details.

3.       Select next to view the patientís profile page from the results table.

4.       Select the concessional entitlement tab on the left hand menu.

5.       Enter date of service.

6.       Tick declaration box to declare the search is for verification and claiming purpose only.

7.       Select verify.

8.       The check will return

a.       Date of service

b.       Concessional entitled result of Yes or No

c.       Verification receipt number.

You can print the concessional entitlement verification results. Donít bill the incentive item if you donít receive a Yes result.

Contact us on 1 3 2 1 5 0 to query the results.


This infographic is correct as at December 2020

Module code HPOS M03 INFO4


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