The Medicare Benefits Schedule (M B S) Items Online Checker available in HPOS enables you to search and check patient eligibility based on their M B S history, check your own eligibility for claiming M B S items and check M B S item claiming conditions.


1.       Log on to HPOS using your PRODA account.

2.       Select the Items tile from the main HPOS menu.

3.       Select the M B S Items Online Checker tile.

4.       Enter patientís Medicare details.

5.       Declare that you have received the patientís consent.

6.       Select the correct provider number location.

7.       Select the appropriate tab for your item number.

8.       Select the item number you want to check.

9.       Select Search to perform the check.


The search results will show patient eligibility for each item you select. We recommend Care Plan item numbers are entered individually as our system identifies all items are being claimed at the same time.


This infographic is correct as at December 2020

Module code HPOS M03 INFO

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