Simulation transcript

How to use the Secure Form Upload function

Module code: HPOSM01_1
Date: May 2020

This video will guide you through the steps to upload a form securely from Health Professional Online Services, known as HPOS.

Let’s get started. From the HPOS Home screen select the Forms tile.

From the Forms screen, select the Secure Form upload tile.

Select the Form category drop down box.

Choose the Form category from the list. If the form category does not match the form type uploaded, the processing time may be delayed.

Then select the Form type from the Subject dropdown list. You can type letters to find and match the form type you are looking for.

Selecting the correct form type will ensure the form is sent to the correct area for processing.

Then select Browse to locate the saved form from wherever you have saved it on your computer’s drive. This may say ‘Choose file’, depending on the browser being used.

(Note: Free text won’t be monitored for enquiries, please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website for appropriate communication channels).

A dialogue box will open, choose the required saved form to upload.

Highlight the form and select Open.

The file location will display in the browse section. Select the Add File button.

You can continue to browse, locate and add more files by following the last five steps.

In some web browsers, the screen will display a progress bar for the 50 MB limit per message (10MB per attachment).

You can remove files by selecting the Remove button next to the file to be removed.

Once 5 attachments have been added or the 50mb upload has been reached, you are not able to upload anymore files.

Select the Send button at the bottom of the screen to submit the application.

A success message will be displayed at the top of the screen. A reference number will also be provided.

If you are ringing to enquire about your HPOS application, this reference number is important.

Then you can select the back button or return to the Forms tile to upload a new form or forms.

You can find further instructional videos regarding the HPOS and PRODA processes in our HPOS eLearning programme on the Health Professionals page from the Services Australia website.