Form Upload Service

The Form Upload service is now available through the Forms tile on the HPOS landing page.

Note, not all health professional forms can be submitted through this channel.


The categories listed here are identified for use via the Form Upload service in HPOS.

         Aged Care

         Australian Immunisation Register

         Bulk bill

         Diagnostic Imaging


         Healthcare Identifier

         Medicare Eligibility


         Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

         Provider Registration

         Simplified Billing.


Form Upload procedure

         Open the form.

         Complete the form and save it to your desktop or allocated area.

         Print the form, sign it and scan it.

         Log on to HPOS using your PRODA account.

         Select the forms tile.

         Select the Secure Form Upload tile.

         Select Form type from the dropdown list.

         Upload the form and supporting documentation.

         Select Send, you will be advised that your message has been sent.

         To upload a new form select the Back button.


This infographic is correct as at December 2020

Module code HPOS M01 INFO

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