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COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out


COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out menu tab is a one-stop-shop for all education resources that will assist you to administer the COVID-19 Vaccination.


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Log into AIR using HPOS

Registering an organisation in PRODA to access the AIR

Getting started with PRODA

PRODA for web services

How to register for an individual account

How to register an organisation

Managing organisation members and their delegations

Understanding management attributes

Managing nominee delegations

Registering subsidiary organisations

Managing Business to Business (B2B) devices

Information you need for Organisation linking to health service providers

Adding and linking service providers to organisations

Adding and linking to Medicare Online in PRODA

Adding and linking to PBS Online in PRODA

Adding and linking to HPOS for PBS

Adding and linking to HPOS for AIR

Adding and linking to HPOS for Patient Verification


Education guides

Claiming for the right person

Eating disorder treatment and management plans

Relative Value Guide for anaesthesia billing



Register as a recognised vaccination provider

Accessing the AIR site for the first time

Submitting information using the AIR site

Providing patients with their Immunisation history statement

MBS COVID-19 Vaccination Attendance Items

Need a digital claim deleted?

Digital claims we can't delete

Benefits to using HPOS

Practice nurse MBS items

Nurse practitioner MBS items

Eligible midwives MBS items

Eligibility for treatment services under an eating disorder plan



How to register a PRODA account and link that account to the Aged Care

Provider Portal

Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP) Navigation basics and key features

Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP) Navigating your monthly claim

Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP) Navigating your payment statement

Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP) Finding & viewing events

Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP) Finding & viewing care recipients



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